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Tucker University Ruler Class

Introducing Tucker University taught by Gayle Coleman starting Jan 8, 2022

What are Tucker Rulers?

Tucker Rulers are quilt rulers designed by Deb Tucker to make a unit in a quilt block. Deb and Gayle both believe that if you can learn how to make a unit in a block, you should not hesitate to make any block you want in almost any size you want from 3-24". Each unit is made slightly larger than normal and cut down to the exact size you need. By learning how to make numerous units, there is no limit as to the quilt blocks you can make or invent yourselves. Most people should be able to look through a magazine and know exactly how to make the quilts they see without a pattern by the time you finish the first year. Sometime during the class we'll be mentioning how to calculate yardages required.

What is Tucker University?

Tucker University is a series of classes for a year on selected Deb Tucker 180 Design Studio Rulers. The purpose of each class is to teach quilters every aspect on the use of that ruler. Some classes may be to learn how to make numerous units with the ruler; others might be to learn how to make some actual blocks. Students will need to purchase the rulers, unless you already have one, and the technique sheets that go along with it. When finished with each unit, they will always come out to the exact size you need to finish your block. As you move along through the course, you may be using several rulers for a unit. You will only be using rulers that have been covered in previous class so don't worry about your not knowing how to use two rulers at once.

When all classes for the year have been completed, each student will be awarded a certificate that shows they have completed Year 1 of Tucker University or Year 2 of Tucker University etc.

When and How Much are Classes?

Classes will start in 2022 on the second Saturday of each month. The first class is 4 hours long and will be held on Jan 8 from 10 -2 and will cost $25. Other classes are from 10-1 and will cost $20 each. Classes will be taught by Gayle Coleman, a long-time quilter, designer, and instructor and will be held at Quilts, Etc in Sour Lake. Call 409-201-2822 to sign up early so you don't miss out. The store also needs time to make sure they have enough rulers and technique sheets for everyone in time for that first class.

Tucker University Ruler Class

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